What to Do When Committee Members Disagree with Your Dissertation?

When Committee Members Disagree
Writing a dissertation is no easy job and it becomes further complicated in case you are faced with committee members who disagree with your dissertation and want you to either explain them in detail or work on them again. There is no doubt that working on a dissertation is a long and diligent process and sometimes it becomes very tedious because students do not know how to handle it the right way to please their supervisor or the committee and look forward to success most easily. In most of the cases, the students have to face the criticism or the questions put forward by the committee and satisfy them before things could move forward.

There are times when students are faced with situations that they do not know what to do with and where to get dissertation help. There are times when two or more committee members do not agree with the drafts or some pieces of the dissertation. This becomes a problem when the members are at conflict and students do not know how to react and what to do. This might be a moment of panic but there is no need to panic as they are not actually in disagreement with the students but among themselves and it is up to them to resolve the matter.

In cases where the committee members disagree with the dissertation and have something to say about it, the best thing for students to do is to take each comment or piece of criticism in the most positive manner and see it from their perspective. There are exceptional times when there will be no comment or no criticism as the main role of the committee is to check everything with a critical eye and tell students what they have missed, what they have overdone and if they have done anything wrong.

How To Manage Disagreement From Committee Members Most Effectively:
There are several things that you can do when you are dealing with difficult committee members who are not so happy with what you have done. In certain cases, it is important to take a step forward and deal maturely as the students are mature adults who can take criticism, learn when it is justified and act on it for best results.

The first and the most important thing to do in this regard is to be very frank and open with the committee members whether it is one of them who is not so happy or more than one. Students can visit them one by one to know more about the problem and see what they have to say. Sometimes talking in detail can help to resolve the issue as the students might be able to clear their point of view, the perspective from which they have written content and it might solve the entire problem. If meeting personally is not possible, an email might do the job and students might be able to proceed with their project.

There are times when students do not get any response from the committee members even after reminders and request for a meeting. This can be a problem because times passes quickly and students are in a critical situation. Students are also helpless when it comes to dealing with their supervisors and committee members as they cannot make them do anything if they do not want to. The best way to deal with this problem is to either leave it or approach the committee chair who might be able to do something. The main purpose of having a chair is to facilitating committee meetings and assume the role of a lead in case things do not seem to be working out easily.

The students have no other option but to do what the committee has pointed out even when they are not satisfied; they have to work on the document in the most effective manner to make changes or additions as pointed out by the committee. However, what they need to do is follow up and make sure to stay in touch with the committee members or the member who has been specifically designated to their project. It is necessary because students do not want to end up making any further mistakes or deviating from homeschooling tips for the project that can be very time consuming and frustrating.

Students need to tread very carefully when dealing with committee members who disagree with their dissertation and want them to work on their papers. It is up to the students to find the best ways and means to ensure the committee approves of their papers and gives them the go ahead they require to move forward with their assignment.

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