Expert Advice In Composing A Critical Literature Review


A critical literature review is related to the inclusive study and complete explanation of a piece of writing.  It shows conceptual sensitivity and descriptive data. A critical literature review justifies the materials and requirements of the topic.  It shows the deep research and explanation about the work. Most students do not know how to evaluate the piece of literature in an excellent manner. Here, the professional writers of Dissertation Writing Services will give you advice in composing a critical literature review.

The Format Of Literature Review: 

Generally, the format of the literature review consists of three parts, introduction, body and conclusion. When we start to examine the literature review we should focus on the first part of the literature. Basically, it demonstrates the explanation and definition of a particular topic. Therefore, you should utterly examine the topic is relevant or not. 

Critical Evaluation: 

Most students think that critical evaluation of the piece of literate is all about to search the negative aspect of the work. Indeed, critical evaluation means to search for the qualities of the literature. The criticism can be negative and positive. It is negative, because, we criticize the weak piece of work that what style and keywords are adopting in this style. However, the positive aspect of criticism is that it shows the worth of a work that has been done by the author. 

Check Material And Style: 

The most important point in composing a critical literature review is the style. You should compare and contrast the style of writing. If the style of writing is pithy and epigrammatic then we will judge that this piece of literature is precious. You should check the keyword of the work that what important points show the literature. Keep in mind the powerful words that you are reading in the piece of literature.

Explain Strengths And Weakness: 

In composing the critical literature review, you should keep in mind the strong and weak points of the work. Explain in details what powerful points are and what weaknesses in the piece of literature are. After that, you should share your point of view that how weakness should be a cover-up. 

Identify The Search Area:  

A critical review always shows the search area. You should find relevant literature and hypotheses research question is used in the literature. Research area shows the circumstances in which the piece of literature was started.  Check the citations that are used in the piece of literature. Most citations are relevant to the periods; therefore, you should check it deeply. 

Methodology And Policies:  

The methodology in the literature review shows the data collection and analysis; therefore, you should view the method. Policy in the literature review shows the implementation and effectiveness of the work. It also highlights the interventions of the author. The plot should be interlinked and intermingled. You should evaluate the theme and plot of the literature. The method and qualitative research will highlight the clarification of your topic. 

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