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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in British Youngsters

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
After experiencing a natural disaster like an accident or a terrorist act, a psychiatric disorder occurs. This is known as post-traumatic stress disorder. During World War I, PTSD was known as shell shock. During World War II, this was known as combat fatigue. Some signs or symptoms of PTSD are upset memory, lack of interest in life and daily activities, frightening nightmares and pounding heart etc. We can observe PTSD in British youngsters. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the impacts of PTSD on the health of British youngsters.

Poor physical health:There are many physical health problems associated with PTSD but depression is the most important one. Its reason is that we can’t trace the depression with the help of any physical parameter. The depression can eat up a person from inside and the body gets weakness day by day. The persons are not able to get the basic energy while waking up very early in the morning. As a result, there is a possibility that the persons may adopt some unhealthy behaviours like drug abuse and smoking. Smoking and drug abuse can become a cause of some liver problems for a person. Along with depression, PTSD can also become a cause of some other physical health problems like diabetes and other heart problems. These kinds of problems occur because of the disturbance in the eating habit of a person who is facing PTSD. In short, if we don’t treat a person in time, it can become a cause of lots of poor physical health issues.

Relationship problemsIn British youngsters, the PTSD can also become a cause of some relationship problems. They are not able to perform well in the workplace. It is also hard for them to barely concentrate on the right order. It’s due to the disturbance in the heightened stress levels. Due to PTSD, it is also hard for persons to perform the simplest tasks. Their mood is always out of order and they usually try to collide with everyone at the workplace. All of these habits can disturb the vertical as well as horizontal relationships of a person and they are not able to function normally. Their decision making power is also weakened and they also face lots of problems while taking decisions in the emergency. They have some strained relationships with their friends and other members of the family.

Problems with mental healthThe major impact of PTSD on any individual is on its mind. Its reason is that PTSD is occurred due to the offensive memories and these memories remain in the mind of a person rather than a body. Some incidences can last some bigger impacts on the mind of a person than the other incidences. A person who is facing PTSD can also face some mental health issues like anxiety. As a result, they try to attempt suicide. The persons who accept these disorders very quickly can easily heal themselves. These kinds of ugly emotions can also develop some bipolar disorders and due to these bipolar disorders, the persons are not able to control their emotions.

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