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Different Grammar Blunders that Students Must Avoid

Different Grammar Blunders
Academic writing is far from the random stuff we write. It is completely different from our day to day communication whether written or verbal. We make a lot of grammatical mistakes in our conversation; some of them have become a part of the language we use. Sometimes we lose marks in the assignments because of these blunders and we are unable to put a finger on what when wrong when we look at the marks we get. There are a lot of such mistakes that we make and we can’t identify them exactly.

The use of “there instead of their”, “then instead of than”, difference between “its and it’s” and their proper use, too many capital letters used unnecessarily in the beginning of common nouns are some of the most common blunders that we see and sometimes cause us loss of marks. Even if the academic work is not directly related to language, or your subject isn’t related to language based studies, it gives a bad impression to the reader, it also sometimes changes the context you are speaking in entirely and the reader gets a completely different message than what you wanted to convey.

Most students fail to identify such issues with the grammar and they face difficulties later on with their assignments and essays and they are unable to figure out what is going wrong and what needs improvement in order to get more marks. Bad grammar can make the best works look improper no matter how much effort has been invested into the work. To eliminate such issues and to do your best in academic writing, read books and read articles. You can read anything that interests you, fiction or non-fiction does not matter. Also, start working on your grammar on your own. Pick an area of language and start improving; there are some excellent resources available online for the people who are willing to improve.

There are quizzes and question papers you can download from different websites of assignment writing services and attempt and figure out where you stand. The resources online are available for students that can help in a great deal in improving your grammar. Most issues observed are usually related to punctuation. Punctuation is only understood well with practice and reading. If you read a lot, you will be able to figure out the rules of punctuation in a very short time. Take the online tests to find out if you are doing better or not.

While you are working on your grammar, you must not neglect your coursework or assignments. You can set them on the right track by giving all your academic work to professional academic and coursework writing services. Experts will write your assignments and essays and you can work on the grammar. You assignments will not suffer anymore because you are gearing up gathering the right tools for the best academic writing and on the other hand someone professional is taking care of the assignments and essays for you so that you get best marks.

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