Best plan to complete a dissertation in 6 months: Milestones that must set and achieve

Writing a master or doctoral level dissertation is a time taking job. It needs adequate concentration and proper planning. More often, the deadline of submitting the final dissertation reaches closer and the student is left with couple of months to come up with. So, here are few of the tips to complete dissertation in six months. 

1. Re-read your research work

First of all, read all of your research work again. Go through your methods and calculations that you have noted down in your lab book. This will give you an overall idea of your research that how it was commenced.

2. Gather all the supporting material
All the calculations and results that you have discovered during your research work, get it preserved in one place. The tables, diagrams, charts, graphs to be assembled.

3. Prepare yourself for a lengthy work

Now that you have gathered all the material for your research work, sit down and start writing your dissertation. Shun off all the distractions and focus on writing your dissertation. It is no doubt a lengthy task but you will through once you start it with a plan.

4. Your schedule will take you there

A good routine saves a lot of time. So, develop a habit of writing dissertation in an assigned part of the day and follow it with your heart and mind.

5. Follow coherence in dissertation writing

First of all, you have to write down the introduction part of the dissertation. All the relevant knowledge on your topic will be inducted in the introduction portion. Then comes the review of the literature in which you will explain the kind of similar studies performed in the past. Then, results and discussion portion comes. In the last, you will render a conclusion coupled with suggestions.

6. A backup of all the data is a must

Always create a backup of your writings. In case of system disorder, you must have a backup to resume the work where it was left.

7. A quick look into dissertation in final weeks of completion

As you have been into writing dissertation for months and the deadline reaches closer, you have to pace up with the time. A quick review of all the content that you have incorporated in your writing will give you an idea of improvements and deficiencies in it.

8. Get rid of grammatical mistakes and language problems

As you complete your dissertation, get it checked by a senior fellow who has been through this phase. A margin of grammatical mistakes will decrease if it is checked by someone who has good command on respective language. Also, the area of improvements will also be shared with you and you can rectify them swiftly.

As soon your dissertation gets back to you after slight amendments, it is ready to submit to the authorities for further action. Always keep in mind that you need to comply with the deadline given to you by your professor. Good luck!

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