Has Education System of UK Become Weak?

Education System of UK
There are many who are not happy with the British system of education and say that it is becoming weak and not delivering academic knowledge to students as it should. However, this might be too rash a statement as it is more to do with students than the teaching ways and methods. This is because it work two ways and students also need to focus on what they are being taught and how they should work on their course in order to succeed. In this system, students always need assistance of coursework writing services to move ahead. It proves to the world that British education system is as good as ever and can help them move forward in their life.

It is important for students as well as parents to remember that since decades, UK has been forefront in education and most of the top rated colleges and universities are located here that have been helping students academically for a long time and they have enabled several students to make great future for themselves. Some of the most renowned doctors, engineers, scientists and people working in other fields in many parts of the world are students who have been to UK for their education.

For those who say that the education system of UK is weakening and it is not being able to deliver what it was several years ago, it would be good to know that the percentage of students that were enrolled in the past has increased several times now and what happened in the past does not work in the current times now. While in the past, the classes were small, the students were more attentive and they were more into their studies rather than anything else but with passage of time, things have change a lot and for worse too.

Now the classes are almost the double and there are so many students that it becomes hard for teachers to give personalized attention to each of them and combined with this are the distractions like Facebook and twitter that students take with them in the class and focus on them instead of listening to what the teacher have to say. This has changed the academic scene a lot and while the past students were most focused on their learning, these days they are more focused on what is going out in the world that causes problems for them in their assessment and when they go out in the world.

It is not the UK education system that has become weak but it is the students who are not taking their education seriously and do not want to work as hard as their predecessors. With so many distractions like mobile phones and internet access, students have now too many other things to do rather than given time to what they must do and how they should behave in class. It would not be wrong to say that if the education system is lacking what it had in the past, it is the overcrowding of class that has led to it.

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