Why to Review Past Dissertation for Writing Your Dissertation

Writing Your Dissertation
Writing dissertation is most time consuming task of your academic career where a student spends months (for graduate or master’s students) or years (Ph. D students) to complete it. The most lengthy part of dissertation is literature review. Not only in terms of writing chapter of literature review, but also to gather data and get knowledge about your phenomenon of study. Therefore, you would be able to know the answer of different questions those you have to address throughout your dissertation like why have you selected your current research topic, how previously researchers have concluded (Literature review chapter will address this answer in your dissertation) and results you should aiming for.

Finally your gather data is going to help you to develop theoretical framework of your study and to write literature review chapter of your dissertation. In addition, dissertation literature review is the lengthiest chapter of a dissertation and also a reason behind students’ worries. Here we will come to know the answers for these questions about reviewing past paper and writing literature review chapter. First thing is why to review past dissertation?

In answer to this question is the ‘critical view of the your topic in light of past researches’, but for those students who are new in research would be difficult to criticise the work of professional researchers because of their lack of knowledge and understanding about the topic. But at the same time past dissertations review will enables you;
  • To indicate about the researchers who have already worked for your topic, and
  • To know about the thing those have not been addressed by past researchers means gaps
  • To define further possible question in your field of study those have need to be addressed
  • Literature review chapter will provide basic knowledge about your topic for those readers who are not from your field of study and who are first time going to read about your topic that you have chosen for your dissertation.
  • To prevent you from incurring the mistakes those have been made by previous researchers.
  • It will help you to establish basic understanding of your topic.

Next question could be what should be in Literature review chapter? In answer to this question, there is a lengthy list of things to include but here are a few those are mandatory to be in literature review chapter.
  • Definitions or elaboration of topic provided by previous researcher with their name
  • From which field of study those researchers belong to elaborate about this topic with the year of their researches
  • Key research questions those have been addressed by previous researchers
  • Methodology of previous researchers adopted to conduct research on your topic
  • What were the finding and limitation of past studies?
  • Phenomenon which were failed to addressed and there was a need for future research on that. 

Most important thing that students think to be answered is how long literature review should be? But for this particular question a student must consult to his supervisor because length of literature review chapter varies as your supervisor or institute. Hopefully you have got an idea to write literature review chapter and for any query contact with our team of dissertation writing solution providers.

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