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The first chapter doesn't mean you’re introduction but a lot of students mistake the first chapter with your introduction. The first chapter is the chapter of your dissertation, the one which holds your first argument. The dissertation topic has one statement but in order to prove one statement you ought to have two to three solid arguments that you can explain in detail. These arguments will then build you dissertation. The writers of dissertation must keep in mind that the first chapter should have the following things
·         The first chapter must contain the most important argument of your dissertation. The writers must keep in mind that the most important point ought to be discussed first because your reader will not be so energetic in the end.
·         Also this chapter is important as it is the first page of your argument. Before the chapter first you will be writing the introduction, literature view and research methodology so make sure that you understand the worth of your first page.
·         The first chapter should be more than the required then the last chapters because the first argument is mostly the strongest so make sure you don’t skip any information and let things fall in a flow. No need to make deletions. You just have to justify your point in the best manner.
·         The first chapter title should also be dynamic the one that is relevant to your topic. If the topic is ambiguous then it can be problems for you in the end. Also it is important that you ask your tutor for assistance. The chapter names are important so make sure you don’t mess with the titles and write what is appropriate and justify the material in it.

If you are aware of the following steps then you can easily write your first chapter. If not then you can always seek the guidance of your tutor. Sometimes the tutors are not available and a lot your work needs to be done. Make sure you don’t waste your time also it is important that you don’t write anything without having proper guidelines regarding it. Dissertation writing services UK is an online writing service that can help you get the best guidelines for your first chapter. If you are not able to handle your first chapter then we can certainly provide you with a ready made chapter for your convenience. Here are some tips for writing your first chapter:

Choose the Best Point:
It is important that you choose the best point of your dissertation for your first chapter. The topic should be open to multiple interpretations because:
·         Multiple interpretations give a good image to the external
·         It shows the creativity, diversity and multitude of your expression.
So make sure you keep in mind the selection of your points. To get help, you make take guidance from dissertation writing services UK.

Write Argumentatively:

The writing should not be informative because you have already given so many information to your introduction and literature view so make sure you stick to the point and don’t weaver from it. The writers of dissertations should keep in mind that the first chapter is the starting point of your argument so make sure you don’t lose that spirit.

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